A list rooms and how to achieve

Am staying with the celeb theme today (before whittling on about it I must apologise for yesterdays lack of posting). An early start coupled with a day spent designing or not designing as it were  (more like yelling, second guessing myself, pulling my hair out, slamming the odd door and generally wondering if anyone will like our new collection) meant the day slipped away and I forgot to post. So what makes a room go from B list to A list. Easy peasy – in a nutshell its all about a compelling mix of styles (whether that’s Indian Raj (yikes) Spanish Colonial or a ruggedly modern Wyoming chalet (if it all goes tits up by the way with the collection I am moving to Wyoming and keeping bees)!!  The more you mix the more interesting your room becomes plus it will look and feel well travelled as if you have pottered around the globe picking up pieces that delight. However we mustn’t fall into the uptight trap if it all looks too formal and planned it will induce an instant migraine.  What we are after is sublimely comfortable, relaxed yet dramatic kind of luxurious but in a laid back low key kind of way. Also it’s important to layer EVERYTHING. Skilfully layering objects, textiles, flowers, art creates a head spinning, energy inducing room that just shouts chic and doesn’t feel too planned. Ms Wearstler nails eclectic glamour and whilst its not always my cup of tea hats off to her for pushing the boundaries and taking us all out of our comfort zones. There are more layers in this space than I know what to do with and although there is a lot going on it does feel very relaxed. Not totally convinced about the art on the windows but who cares its a room that shouts well travelled, dramatic yet comfortable.

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