Cafe society

In my next life I want to own a café I think I could happily potter around serving cups of latte .  I have just discovered the most fabulous one very near my house situated on the Regents Canal. Called Towpath it’s a new venture from esteemed Italian American food writer Lori De Mori and her food photographer husband Jason Lowe. Its teeny weenie set is a couple of shallow recesses in the wall of an old warehouse along the canal and its delightful. Nothing fancy just rustic, earthy and amazing. Fresh flowers sit on roughly hewn wooden tables, with jugs of water and a small but fabulous food menu is in place. I drag Graham there most weekends its right near Broadway market our local and so heavenly to go for breakfast or a late afternoon glass of wine. Maud is the only let down being on a canal ducks and geese who are leisurely minding there own business swim by only to be taunted by Maud who has a mini break day every time she sees them. Stupidly I didn't take my camera with me on the weekend so this is a winter shot I grabbed from Time Out. Now that the trees are out its beyond heavenily. Its the  kind of place you want to keep under your hat and not tell anyone about but then being in business myself I know and appreciate all the press and blogs that write about my store and collection so its the very  least I can do. Another café to take my fancy couldn’t be further away. The Globe in Australia has been designed to perfection its way more design orientated than the Towpath but at the same time feels just like hanging out at home.  Glossy black floors abound and the whole vibe is super sexy. I flit constantly between the sexy and the sophisticated and the earthy and rustic. One day I shall make up my mind.

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