Cool spaces

Sorry for no post yesterday super early start  to an antiques market which was rather disappointing to say the least. Today I am taking my hat off to Brad Ford – interior designer extradinaire.  Its pretty tough being a designer  - we need to translate a client s wishes full fill wildest dreams but at the same time be true to our own aesthetic. Well I think Brad has nailed it. Ford’s spaces are timeless and beautiful. With particular attention to texture the Ford look is understated but super elegant. The trick to making a home truly personal is to create multiple layers whereby each little nook tells its very own story. Look at the layers – even though the room is full to the brim with stuff it doesn’t feel at all cluttered or oppressive. Bravo I say This is beautifully styled – the chair is exquisite and the textures tantalising. Obviously am not a fan of the white walls but then there are very few of us who have converted to the dark side. Must dash overslept alarm for gym and now exceedingly late for Bluebird

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