Pattern don't be afraid to mix it all up

Seems like I am always apologising for lack of posts these days – short of staff and early starts three days running last week meant my posting became sporadic to useless so again sorry.The past weekend – a lovely long one thanks to the bank holiday wasn’t spent relaxing and pottering around farmers markets (actually a bit of it was) the bulk of it was spent wallpapering the hallway. A year and a smidge ago I had fallen in love with the wallpaper in Rita Konig's NY apartment, which I photographed for my book. It’s called Perroquet and was designed by her mother Nina Campbell. Rita wallpapered her kitchen in it and it looked fab. Apparently the design was inspired by a visit to French florists Nina had made a while back and its beyond beautiful. Sexy, a touch girly with a real French vibe.  And this dear friends is where it all goes pear shaped. It looks HORRILBE  I don’t know why I loved it at Rita’s I love the rolls when they are not papered to my wall and that’s that. Its to girly and fussy I now realise with the rest of my space. You would figure I would know this by now  but hey. I am I think a bit more rock chic than girly and I've beat myself up about making such a mistake.As you can imagine this has not gone down very well  with my chief wallpaperer   who I think is ready to kill me as next weekend down it all comes. I love pattern but in moderation and I shall not,  promise  shall not suggest such a thing again. Promise! As the text on the photo says  don’t be afraid to mix pattern up – it you do then you are way braver than me. I’m sticking to the small things from now on as far as patten goes- rugs, cushions, vases and so on .

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