Hollywood glamour

First up on the agenda this morning a big thank you to the blog Desire to Inspire  http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2010/5/29/winks.html a beautiful, flattering and delightful review of our faux flowers thank you so much it makes it all so worth while. Now I was thinking we should whiz over to Hollywood to have a look at some rather fabulous shots of a LA pad that Alexandra Angle designed. I have a thing for 50’s Hollywood glamour and adore this pad Alexandra has designed. A big ballsy  chairs sits beside a simple light with a series of animal paintings adding a tongue in cheek twist (image below). Its an easy to look to achieve since the colour palette is relatively neutral (a bit too neutral for my taste) but none the less it feels like a comfortable pad to hang out in. I’ve said it before and will say it again when you live with beautiful things that stimulate your mind your enjoy life just a little bit more in my book. Those things don’t have to be expensive – my pad is a prime example of that as it’s a whole hodge podge of playful chic creations  that make me feel deeply rooted to the place. There is no where else on earth I would rather be. I want that chair An earthy, relaxing sun filled living space makes me want to climb right in to the image

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