Embellishing walls

Here is a thought, actually a question - why or why are walls neglected, left bare and miserable? Its a little odd don't you think as to me they feel somehow naked and a little sad. I know starting an art collection isn't cheap but if you think outside the box it totally can be. Etsy, ebay, favourite photographs, junk shop finds, prints the list is endless. Plus by adorning walls with art you can add instant personality and warmth to any space and it totally changes the focal point and entire feel of a room. I have just started to dabble in it myself - up until now my hallway was an area that was beyond miserable a transitional space that lacked any personality whats so ever. Not a good impression to create when opening the doors to tv camera's (to late for that now- hey ho) but its been on my list for a long time to ramp up its style ratings. So I have started searching out sketches from vintage shops, paintings from ebay and low and behold before too long its started to look rather lovely. Some images to inspire if you are planning on embellishing your walls. Letters are fabulous for adding a high dose of individual quirk especially when hung over a door way. Vintage ones, new ones even paper ones from art shops which I have been know to spray barbie esq pink do the trick. Of course shelves and piles of books are the ultimate way to embellish walls and especially love the idea of hanging a painting slap bang in the middle of the shelves.

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