The search for the perfect table

I am on the hunt,  for tables that is. I spend all my time searching out new products but little occassional tables that you can plonk next to a sofa or put in an entrance way allude me. I don't want the standard designer ones - so Saarinen although I love you I've seen you far to often. I want simple, either rustic or modern that I can scatter around the house and in my store to place candles on, flowers, pictures all that personal stuff that automatically enlivens a space. I've seen hundreds of the things but they just don't grab me enough to want to purchase. So if you know of any please let me know. The one below is perfect - perfect size with a beautifully organic shape. It doesn't have to be wood mind I am for once not so fussy - it just has to look fabulous. Simple but beautiful - it works uptown, down town and in the country.

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