Mary Queen of Shops

Last night I appeared on the BBC2 programme Mary Queen of Shops and just want to thank everyone for all the messages and emails saying lovely things thank you so much. Was an absolute joy taking part and showing Denny & Dazzle around my home I have the hugest admiration for anyone who runs their own business - its a tough world out there in retail land and with Mary's help and all the other experts on the programme think Denny & Dazzle now have a superb store which can evolve and move forward. Totally endorse and agree with Mary's view on the importance of independent stores on our high streets which are way too bland and boring in my opinion. We need more unique stores that tantalise, thrill and seduce  just look at Paris and how fabulously they endorse and support the small guys. Check out Denny & Dazzle's website - oh and an image of their new look store below:

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