Confessions of a sticky beak

I am I must admit a sticky beak (Australian slang for nosy parker). I love nothing more than nosing around people's home or piling through interiors mags and finding inspirational homes that make me re-think my space. My pad is heaving with mags from every country one day I am sure the floors are going to fall through. What a shame hey we don't have an interiors TV programme that fulfills my sticky beak needs! So snazzy kind of what Trinny & Suzanna were in the good old days, inspirational (profiling some great pads) a little how to - and then a tad magazine esq -highlighting the coolest stores, the most fabulous  trends and so forth. Oh well guess I will just have to keep surfing the web and buying more mags. This New York apartment below is in my inspirational file - not exactly my cup of tea as I veer a little more towards inky sludgy rock chic but its effortless, lived in and loved and that dear friends is what its all about. Happy Thursday xx

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