The latest trend is.... Entomological

That's bugs to you and I and the interiors world is buzzing with them. I for one am obsessed as is the interiors world as its been awash with all things botanical for a while now - think Vivienne Westwood's wallpaper for Cole & Son which mixes mini moths, frogs and caterpillars in a jumble of foliage or Timorous Beasties who have bees and swarms of bugs all over their wallpaper. We however have gone one step further,  forget insects on wallpaper, plates and textiles imagine  instead big fat, delicious looking bugs crafted from vintage and contemporary fabrics sitting on window sills or crawling up walls. Our store has been taken over with them and they are selling like hot cakes!. We are incredibly excited to be working EXCLUSIVELY with the fabulous and talented Mr Finch who crafts these beautiful  insects from all sorts of amazing vintage and modern textiles. Here is a sneak peak - they will be on the website very soon. This little beauty was in the store for about 5 mintues before someone brought him - didn't even get to hang out on our walls!

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