Coverting to the dark side

Paint more than anything else in the decorating world is my all time favourite way of updating, revamping and transforming a space. Dark colours in particular add intrigue to any space and in my humble opinion feel far more sophisicated and up beat than their neutral counterparts. I often wonder why people are so afraid of taking the plunge after all its only paint - it can so easily be gone over. Here are a few tips if you are thinking of converting across to the dark side  - you will I should add be far happier plus you will look skinnier dark rooms are fab for that! I digress if going dark you must repeat must mix punchy colours with your dark tones otherwise your rooms will feel depressing. Think lavender grey mixed with black, fuchsia, burnt orange and chestnut. What we want is a space that invigorates, emits a sophisicated vibe but at the same time feels relaxing. Easy peasy hey! How  fabulous does this teeny tiny bathroom look. Ignore all that mumbo jumbo that says paint a small room a neutral shade in order to make the room appear bigger. How much bigger can it really look -(pointless)  play upon its smallness, make it snug, tantalising and super doper!

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