Different ways with walls

Lets just imagine for a minute that you are sick of the usual suspects when it comes to revamping walls.  By that I mean wallpaper and paint – you want something different but don’t know what. You want high voltage impact that lends depth and excitement to a room? Fear not, I have as you have probably gathered some suggestions.  Will start with the most expensive and work down from there. First up cladding walls in stone, brick or tile or some other fabulous material. This will push both the design envelope and your pocket to the max but will look and feel incredibly elegant and bespoke. I did it the wrong way around – moved in plastered all the dodgy peeling walls only to fast forward 7 years later and want rough, textural, brick. Not the most sensible thing to do but hey I am designer we are not sensible!!  Next up and I am a huge fan of this is panelling – currently planning on panelling our stand at Maison Objet this Fall. I love the gentleman’s club feel panelling gives especially if its then painted out a fabulous hue.  No need for art as walls are suddenly given a big dose of individuality. Last up paint (yes I said no paint) but this is black board  paint  and it embellishes even the simplest of walls.. Whether that’s a few ingredients artfully scrawled or some simple sketches, walls need never feel drab again. Below are 3 pics to illustrate my point just in case you are not convinced. My friends pad (Graham & Jo Atkins Hughes) and their totally totally beautifulwall  treatment. Simple to do panelling can be pre-cut at any DIY centre to suit your very own design. Blackboard  paint enlivens any wall turning it from drab to fab in a nano second.

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