Dining Areas

Here's a question do you skillfully blend your chairs around your dining table creating a calming vibe or do you mix and match to your heart's content. I say do either as both choices look fabulous and chic. I am a big fan of an old rustic table hanging out with some super modern chairs as the contrast between old and new is enchanting. I spend more time at my dining table than I do hanging out on  my sofa - pre dinner drinks, supper, oodles of paperwork - it becomes a restaurant, home office and chill out zone all at once. The key is to choose furnishings that fit in with your space - either echoing the property's history or counter balancing it all together. Timeless, beautiful yet magical is the look I am after. Beautiful -just  adore the green chairs. Also very cool with a very different vibe. Little low level chairs look super sexy against the table.

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