Turkish style

A few rather early starts has meant lack of posts these last few days – I should prepare the day earlier as they are so good at doing on Blue Peter but I am not that organised I am afraid. This morning I thought we should whiz over to Istanbul to admire the work of a design company called Autoban. Have banged on about them before I am sure but simply adore their edgy yet functional creations from lighting to furniture to restaurants and hotels. I think where you live as a designer has a huge influence on one’s design – with these guys ornately carved wooden pieces sit alongside octopus shaped chandeliers very emblematic of the many contrasts and paradigms that define Istanbul. They also balance old with the modern beautifully as does the city. Am not sure what our new animal inspired lighting designs say about us or London – tongue in cheek grandiosity (perhaps)–barking (for sure), English stiff upper lip (certainly not). Without further ado some images to inspire from the Autoban library Eclectic, beautiful and simple. Surfaces are hard and shiny and yet softened by the wooden platters hanging from the wall and dainty chandelier. Again the palette is simple yet the feeling is eclectic and well travelled

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