Speedy tricks

Having no patience at all I am all for speedy tricks that turn a space from drab to fab in a nano second. Seeking out quirky objects, auction buys, mixed with the odd high street piece and then elevating them to star status by injecting them with pops of colour is whats its all about. I am still working on the hallway - it has taken an age after the wallpaper disaster but we are getting there. I have a large blank wall to fill - a runner to skim the floor and then magic should to start to happen (I hope). So some speedy trick ideas if you want instant glamour - consider spray painting or taking to your local garage if you want a true rock n roll vibe any old bit of brown furniture, the transformation is truely amazing. Check with the garage first and don't just rock up with a huge table as I did (you will be met with a lot of raised eyebrows and huffing and puffing). Another fab trick is to create big panels (MDF is great for this) which you then wallpaper - using wallpaper in this way means you can move the boards around and take them with you if you move. Plus it creates a super sweet art installation. Must dash Maud's school bus has just arrived to take her to dog school for the day and we haven't packed her lunch -below is an image that sits top of my inspiration file - a hallway filled with two fabulous images turns this space into something very enchanting.

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