Playing around with scale

Scale is one of the most overlooked, forgotten about and under considered pieces in the decorating puzzle. It puzzles me why its so ignored especially as it adds so much to any interior. Its turns a frumpy room into fun and gives any space suffering from a bad dose of seriousitis an electric shock. Be inspired by Alice in Wonderland and think about teeming super sized pieces or teeny tiny pieces next to standard size furniture. A fab chandelier huge in scale hung over a table for example or as I have done two terribly sweet little tubs chairs sitting alongside a huge 70's floor lamp. Its all about giving your space an unexpected twist because as I say all the time good taste is sooooo pointless without a little fun. Images to inspire below both photographed by the fabulous Debi Treloar So simple but so perfect. Again super simple but also unexpected - hanging a large chandelier over a standard sized table adds a playful note and turns frumpy as I said above into fun.

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