Love the look

There is nothing better than spending a Sunday afternoon flicking through back issues of interiors mags whilst sitting in the garden and getting inspired. No such luck for me   unfortunately with four weeks to go until we debut our first collection in Paris weekends are now spent working on glazes, figuring out the stand design and generally worrying if we will get everything together on time.  Enough of my problems I wanted to show you the super relaxed, super beautiful Sydney apartment of stylist Kirsten Bookalill. What’s more her apartment is rented which makes me love it even more. So many times rented apartments are simple, minimal and un drool worthy. Not this one understated, luxurious, stylish and inspirational it’s a pad that feels lived in and loved.  It’s the details and the layers of personal stuff that nail it. Groupings of artwork, photos and mementos make this space truly inspirational. Too cool for school I say! For my next move  should that ever happen am thinking I want a hacienda  style building , not dismmilar to Kirsten’s .  Victorian town houses are all very well but the zillions of stairs are loosing their appeal particularly when one’s dog thinks its great fun to throw heavy bones down the stairs and chase when some of us are trying to work! Am posting today as tomorrow its a 5 am start. Lovely

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