Its 1pm nearly and I have only just sat down to write. All alone in the store today and of course its the day the deliveries start to arrive. So far this morning I have taken delivery of 25 fat, plump bugs this time crafted from buttery leather, metallic and the most gorgeous vintage textiles. A herd of elephants and giraffes crafted from paper machie (thinking of sneaking a couple of them home so adorable are they) and 7 poodles. I feel like I am running some strange Animal Farm customers don't know quite what to make of the floor as being the impatient person that I am have started pulling things off shelves in order to get our new visitors out! Anyway back to business even though its dreadfully late in the day. For about 3 months now I have been obsessing, (ie dreaming, planning and desperate for) a paint colour I saw in the fabulous store Merci in Paris.  Its taken 3 months but finally I have located the colour and its arrived to the shop. To call it grey is an understatement its like a lilac ish, purple ish thunder cloud. Warm, dramatic and soft all at the same time. Have ordered a load and once I have re-painted a room at home (sorry honey) will take some images for you. I am pretty obsessed with  this particular hue  it far surpases anything I have ever seen. Sad hey I get more excited about paint colour than I do clothes, shoes and bags. It's somewhere between this  and this below This tiny little sample comes every where with me so long has it taken for me to find. To the gym, the grocery store, its even hung out in the coffee house and the pub, its not leaving my sight.   Therapy - possibly I should book a session or two!

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