Abigail Ahern

Ways with walls

I am in the midst of designing my stand for Maison Objet and my biggest dilemma (apart from the fact that its three weeks away and I still have no products)  is what to do with the walls. I want the stand to look like a home thinking country house lodge with a bit of rock chic thrown in. The bare nothing on the wall look is not my thing – beyond dull if I can be so blunt.  Walls need to be embellished whether that’s with art, cladding, sculpture, beautiful wall lights, or wallpaper. Couple of images below have drawn my attention - wallpaper and the bookcase kind that I so adore enlivens even the smallest nook, and cladding . The hodge podge approach in the image is fun but a little too busy for me I feel. At home on a funny little wall under our stairs we have tonge and grooved and then painted out the same colour as the walls  so its textural but very much part of the overall scheme. Wallpaper is a fantastic way of changing the feel of a space - here the feel is gentleman's club meets Parisian boho - its a beautiful combination if I could wear this paper I would! Cladding is also great particularly if you have lumpy bumpy walls.

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