Designing with flair

Some people have it and some people just don’t its called designing with flair. Grouping, placing, plonking objects together that create a narrative and portray a sense of discovery every time you walk through the door is something that takes a bit of skill. For me it’s pretty easy since literally every day I am pottering around the store and house, layering and styling objects together. There are no hard and fast rules but having said that there are a few pointers to keep you on track. First up personalise you home with as many pieces of art and accessories as you can, this adds instant personality. When accessorising your shelves and table tops vary the height of the objects for interest and intrigue.  Objects all one height look way to boring.  Another top tip to stop the space from becoming too bland or too crazy is to repeat a colour a few times that way there is a subtle link between say artwork and textiles. I go in and out with symmetry one fireplace has a perfectly symmetrical arrangement – two vases of flowers flanking either end of the mantle. My other mantle is asymmetrical – a white elephant some Adler vessels etc. Mirrors are also great for adding dimension to a space just make sure they reflect back something beautiful. All that said follow your heart if it feels right often times it is right. This image pretty much nails what I am whittling on about. Walls layered with photographs, a chair accessorised with a cushion and heap of little books. It feels intriguing, and beautiful. I love accessories that don't conform to the norm such as this horses head. Super cool against the sludgy black background. A detail of layering walls with art - far more interesting than a plain adorned wall right?

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