How not to decorate

Scary day today I get to see the whole collection for the very  first time. Up until now its been teeny tiny swatches of colour so feeling excited and scared at the same time. Maud and I are supposed to working from home but can't settle and are pacing and pottering around the place. I've called Graham about 1000 times already and he's not even reached Birmingham to report back so I won't get to see until late afternoon, exactly what state I will be in by then who knows. Enough ado about my situation - lets talk interiors. Below is an example of how not to decorate. Here is my problem its way to formulaic, uptight, uptight and uptight again. Its a biege haze of blandness every chair matches every cushion  is placed just so. Lamps make perfect sense, rugs co-ordinate and its so dour.  Unimpeachably tasteful absolutely but there is something missing. If I were a doctor I would say the ailment to this interior  is nothing short of decor deprivation. My prescription - a big dose of groovy design, intriguing shapes,  splashes of colour,add exuberence add ornateness and please add a little fun. Good taste is all very well but pointless repeat pointless without a little fun.

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