Show time

Its fair time - the NY Gift Fair has just finished and Frankfurt and then Paris are just about to start. I love this time of year exhausting yes but the excitement of finding new stuff for the holidays is sooo exciting. I am banned from buying anything for the house by hubby (its getting rather full I must admit - but he is on another planet I think thinking  I could go to the shows and not buy anything for  home - I mean really) ! Talking of shows we have now received all our  lighting prototypes ready for Maison way way late but very fabulous. Very tongue in cheek and very us I love them. They are being photographed tomorrow and rather than putting them straight into boxes I'm going to arrange them all over the house until the very last moment when they have to be boxed up - hmm another domestic about that no doubt! Anyway fairs are a funny thing often times there are distinct trends that all the showrooms preview. In NY numbers were everywhere printed on cushions, curtains, boxes and stationary see what I mean... There feels for the first time in ages to be a certain lightness and informality in this season's products. Not silly for silly's sack but idiosyncratic and therefore intriguing. Thank god I say, fresh, fun and habitually chic makes me a very happy girl. Happy Tuesday

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