Abigail Ahern

Creating a mini Atelier

Some images below of our stand out Maison Objet. The plan was to recreate our beautiful store in a teeny tiny space that displayed our products beautifully but at the same time gave retailers, designers and press an idea about our brand and aesthetic. So we painted walls and floors deepest darkest downpipe and then ramped it up with some high voltage colour. A console that normally resides at home was sprayed tomato red for a rock n roll vibe, tiny tub chairs flanked an ornate plaster fireplace also painted out the same colour as the walls. We boxed ourselves in with two panels either side of the stand in which sat too very adorable poodles which received tons of attention. It was a little ambitious to set build to such as extent in a space  so small (no one else that small did) but I felt it set the scene beautifully. Our stand at the show - all the lights are ceramic and made in Stoke on Trent and then given a twist with the finest frou frou silk taffeta shade edged with contrasting trim and crafted in Paris. Poodles peeped out of windows, bull dogs sat on super soft merino wool pouffs, whilst grey hounds hung out by the fireplace. Crazy non?

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