Casual Elegance

One of my favourite seasons of the year has arrived Autumn - and now back from travels am keen to start winterising the house with lots of cosy touches otherwise known as casual elegance. Throws, cushions and textiles in general are a fabulous relatively inexpensive way of adding soft slubby layers to a space. Piled up on sofa's or skimming floors they transform a room in little time at all. We are moving the bedroom down a floor and I'm in the process of getting inspired. Current bedroom is the worst space in the house - literally just a bed and nothing else so its about time I got my act together. Below is an image of Kelly Wearstler's bedroom - whilst not totally my cup of tea I love how by just looking at it you pretty much know its her's. This space  feels luxurious and eclectic a place you would want to spend time in. The palette is simple yet restful and whilst not a lover of carpets am coming round to the idea that in an bedroom they are rather wonderful.

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