Creating Chic Retreats

I spent the weekend attempting to turn my kitchen into a chic retreat. Badly in need of a lick of paint we decided (I should really say I as Graham wasn't so much into the idea) of changing the palette slightly. Electric blue cupboards have now gone deepest darkest black and the wall colour has changed from an inky grey to a grey thats as deep but with  undertones of lilacy pink. I adore this hue - uber cool store Merci in Paris have used it and its taken me about 3 months to track it down. Infact I am tempted to work in the kitchen all day rather than up one floor so much do I adore the combination of pinkish grey with black. Now onto my campaign of bringing the world over to the dark side. If you are thinking of tarting up your space this fall how about giving  black a thought. Nothing looks smarter right than throwing on that perfect little black dress or suit well the same goes for rooms. It may feel bold to paint your walls black but the results are stunning -  sophisicated, mysterious and undeniably stylish. I believe Nate Berkus designed this pad and whilst its perhaps a little too designed for me the black walls set a very sophisicated tone for this dining room. Super grown up this library painted out in black is incredibly snug. Not so sure about the flooring but hey ignore me I am the fussiest being on earth. The overall point really is not to be scared of going dark once you've crossed over there really is no going back. Oh and from experience you must always paint two coats before making a decision the first dark layer is always horrible but by the time the second goes on magic - black magic happens.

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