Colour update

Have been rather over whelmed with phone calls and emails asking on my new kitchen paint colour so have posted below some images of the colour ( its called Lave from the French company resources - It was after I  visited the most fabulous store Merci in Paris that I become obsessed. It took months of phone calls (few language probs) and emails to finally nail it and locate the paint manufacturer. So obsessed am I by it that another room is going the same way except this time floors, walls and ceilings rather than just walls and ceilings. Its grey and its super soft in some lights you can see the lilac in other light say dusk and dawn its inky. Seen here it's at its lightest. And here if you peep at the ceiling its at its darkest and my most favourite. My kitchen is the darkest room in the  house since its on the lower ground floor, and I love it. I long for the evenings to draw in early  and winter to arrive so I can pop on my zillion lights, light the fire and cook in my new enchanting space.

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