Boho Chic

Say the words Boho chic to me and Helena Christensen and Anthropology immediately spring to mind. Helena’s store in NY was very much like her pad homely and full of stuff (the store sadly has shut down). As for Anthropology well who hasn’t fallen in love with the gorgeously inspiring merchandise. The question of today is how to create such a bohemian yet chic look that gives Anthropology a run for its money.  And dear friends it’s all about mixing -  the hottest trend in decorating right now is eclecticism.  The thing that scares many of us (sadly not me) is where to start, how to achieve that look that not only surprises the eye but also at the same time is harmonious and well balanced.  Well in a nutshell here goes – start slowly and build up. Say you’re looking for a cupboard to store crockery in for example as I have been for what feels like an age –rather than running to Ikea, Pottery Barn, B&B Italia and who knows where else consider going down a vintage route. I bagged an old industrial thing peeling, textural and letting off a right old pong on the weekend which Graham (god bless him) had to push home because I wanted it NOW and it wouldn’t fit in the car and I couldn’t wait until Monday to order a courier! The thing about mixing in the odd vintage thing with your modern stuff is that it adds a far greater level of quirkiness than something mass-produced. It tells a narrative,  it lifts one’s spirits (well apart from the smell that is) and is uniquely personal .  Adding a medley of styles to a space from different periods from sourcess like flea markets, antique/junk shops  or eBay is in my opinion one of the most enjoyable things to do. A few other pointers otherwise I shall never stop – play around with scale – plonk large items on small tables for example and super small things on large areas. Become a mixologist and juxapose textures - let woollen cushions hang out with some metallic stunners , tribal rugs skim super sleek floors and generally mix up the rough with the smooth. Make walls chic by figuring out some unusual displays of artwork or photos to wow your friends. Have confidence, re- work reinvent and customise. In very little time your home will be given a jolt that turns it from faded to fabulous and all with out breaking the bank. Cool hey! All the images below are from Anthropology. How fabulous does this room look? Its not stylistized its lived in  paintings are tacked to shelves and books are heaped and stacked in disarray. Although I would never dare to paint my walls red somehow this works, rugs layered on top of each other skim the floor. The look is eclectic, interesting and unique. Have said it before and shall say so again it really is all about layering - heaps of cushions, piles of books - walls and shelves full of stuff nails the boho chic look in a nutshell.

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