Celebrity Style

Few things are more fun than nosing at celebrity's pads from casual to traditional, off-beat to over the top. Often times I am quite surprised (in a good way) just how down to earth they are apart from Donald Trumps pad of course and that's just  bordering on the criminal so tasteless is it. Money as we all know has absolutely nothing to do with style - you just can't buy taste . Below Christy Brinkley hangs out in her living room, Daniel Liebeskind works in a super cool library and creative director Doug Lloyd looks pretty cool in the office. All images by Ditte Isager. Very low key but in a refreshing way  - oodles of pillows heaped on a sofa make it feel comfy and relaxed. I long for a whole room with nothing else but floor to ceiling shelves containing books, books and more books. You need very little else, great chair, table, lamp and wham bam you have yourself a library - heavenly. My favourite space out of this little collection, yes its an office but the art softens the whole look and transforms the space into something quite individual.

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