Shabby Chic

I’ve moved off boho to shabby chic and whilst it’s a look that I only endorse in small doses I wanted to spend a few minutes on it since the weekend approaches and who knows what we all might discover on our potterings around town.  The shabby chic look originated in the UK with worn faded old sofa’s curtains and paintwork found in the zillion large old country piles. Rachel Ashwell built a whole business based around this look which is easy on eye and super relaxed. To me its far more interesting to mix up a whole host of styles but I am often times drawn to this way of decorating as it looks and feels comforting and inviting. All images Damian Russell This pretty much captures the essence of the style and what I rather love about this style of decorating is its all about he charm of living with a home’s small imperfections and making them a virtue. For instance if you have a miserable looking fridge in your pad – get arty and cover it with tons of fab images torn from mags and brochures. Cover sofa’s that you don’t love with throws this automatically creates a relaxed vibe.  It’s all about recognising beauty in overlooked places.  If you can inject some glamour into the look as well hosanna and welcome to our world. The odd glossy piece in a high voltage hue adds a rock n roll vibe and if you couple that with some super sized pieces to mess around with the scale you have as Miss Zoe would say ‘knocked it out of the park”

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