Design Obsessed

What I love about this design job of mine is the constant journey of discovery. Take for example David Bromley until very recently I wasn't at all aware of his work until I flicked through a back issue of Inside Out magazine. To deviate slightly I would so recommend to anyone to look at Australian design magazines they are an inspiration. Laid back in feel, diverse, eclectic they really are a constant source of wonderment - bohemian, urban, beachy, check out Real Living, Inside Out, Belle, Vogue Living to name but a few. Back to Mr Bromley who is an artist and illustrator and pretty fabulous too. I wanted to show how you really can enliven a space with art - even if that art happens to be prints. Prints are great they don't cost the earth and they add instant flair to your lair. How to buy, and what to buy pretty much comes down to  figuring out your motives.  Do you want something to match the curtains (please no) or liven up a dull corner. My art collection is small  I am not interested in making a fast buck from a booming market - instead I am after a long term relationship with my art. I buy all sorts and its all based on gut from prints to junk shop finds to the odd gallery piece. One statement piece is all your need - wham bam and you have yourself a very interesting space. Fabulous this picture totally turns the space from being ordinaire to extradinaire.

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