Atelier Abigail Ahern the Chanel of Fake Flowers

So says Mary Norden who has directed and styled the most beautiful shoot in this month's Red magazine using some of our faux's. Each image looks like a painting its  so beautifully composed and full of personality. As most people know I am a huge fan of fake flowers, my sister and I (actually  my clever clever  sister) has created a beautiful little flower store within our store full to the brim of the latest seasonal blooms and its amazing the reactions we get. People just stop and stare at the displays. Gem was a florist for years having worked for some of the greats including Jane Packer and Nikki Tibbles and her eye and vision have created something I am so proud of. Walking into the store each day lifts my spirits its a bit like knocking back a few shots of whisky - a feeling of squishy contentment envelopes me. Without further ado here are the images as seen in Red magazine, created and directed by Mary Norden and photographed by Adrian Briscoe. Thank you Mary. Gelda sits in a little tea light - these have currently sold out but are back in in a few weeks. Delivered by the box full they literally ran out of the store within days. Our hydrangea in store we have bucket fulls of creams, blues and soon again the greens. The dahlia's are amongst my favourite especially when coupled in a tall skinny concrete black vase

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