Man Rooms

Every man needs a boys room I'm thinking,  somewhere they can hang out, watch sports grab a beer and relax. Ruthie Summers a US designer has created a pretty cool one at that - with walls covered in tartan, a shimmering silver ceiling and a super sweet bar. Not that girls wouldn't want to hang out here too its pretty perfect. Creating masculine style rooms even if you don't have the space for a man room is pretty easy - lets face it relationships are equal (well sort of) and boys should get as much say as girls in the way their spaces are decorated (apart from mine of course - no say ever as far as design goes). Beautiful hey No man room is complete without of course a bar. So how to create that elegant laid back pad well Ruthie has five tricks up her sleeve - first up add at least five items to your space that you love but fear may not be designer enough. -Next layer layer layer lamps and books. Nothing shouts gentleman's club more than heaps of books and lots of low level lighting. Ruthie then goes on to suggest every room should have at least one piece of art (personally I think way more)  and then she suggests paying attention to detail. Masculine rooms need beautiful luxurious fabrics such as mohair or velvet, tweed or shots of intoxicating silk and before you know you would have created a very chic pad.

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