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I am asked many times over the secret in creating quirky interiors. There are no fast and hard rules as such its more about taking each properties bone structure into consideration and then creating a heady mix that is elegant, a tad boho and more than anything unique. I truly believe you can furnish a space inexpensively my trick is to offset everything against walls floors and ceilings  that look like they have been wrapped in velvet, that are so dark and deep they take your breath away.The apartment below belongs to Federico de Vera and his partner Randy Saunders.  If this wall had been painted a neutral you wouldn’t get the same effect as it allows the paintings and furniture to shine. Although the art looks like its just been causally nudged into place I am sure the installation took yonks and yet is doesn’t look and feel cluttered. The key is to tell a story – you are creating a narrative.

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