Open plan spaces yay or nay

The trend for open plan living has been with us for some time now and what baffles me than anything is why or why so many of them are so under decorated, bland and boring. Vast empty spaces with furniture shoved up against walls like some doctor’s waiting room and no feeling of intimacy or snugness what so ever drives me crazy. The key I feel is even though the space is open plan each area needs to hold its own. A dining room butting up to a kitchen needs to feel lived in and loved – sling a pendant over a dining table, perhaps soften the space with a rug, flowers, candles. Also make the kitchen feel less like a kitchen, stack heaps of books on the counter, put oversized table lamps on the island, or super sexy bar stools against  the counter for a bit of added glamour and texture.  You can of course also create visual screens with storage walls or screens –its all about defining each area and in so doing creating a constantly evolving, yet indefinable style. My pad - lower ground floor where the dining room and the kitchen are one. I've linked the two together by painting the cupboards a deep water blue and picking up the colour in the dining chairs. The counter has an oversized vintage light and super sexy bar stools (as uncomfortable as hell but who cares) flank the island.    

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