Abigail Ahern

Preppy New York style meets modern glamour

Apologises for lack of posts these last few days Christmas deliveries are arriving by the truckload and it’s rather over whelming but  in a good way. Oh and an update on my black hallway its looking beautiful but not finished. The plan to paint it out in a day was beyond optimistic with ceilings as high as who knows what and tons of intricate moulding to  paint it seems to have gone on forever. So now for some inspirational stuff.  Recently I came across the home of Andy and Kate Spade as am sure you all know are a hugely talented design couple What is so refreshing about their space is their playful use of colour their love for art and the fabulous smattering of vintage pieces that give their space instant personality.Every inch of wall spare has art on it – a beautifully curated collection and the hodge podge ness of it makes ii even more alluring in my book. It feels preppy and yet I love it – lived in and loved a term I use way to often is how a home should feel. Surround yourself with stuff you love and you can forgot ever wanting to pop a Prozac – works for me xx It takes some bravery to paint your walls  red - a colour I tend to fear unless its in small doses but I must say it works beautifully I am inspired. When art is hung casually upon a wall you will find that your space feels far more laid back and fabulous than if it was hung gallery style Another beautiful colour combination - teal coupled with saffron - just beautiful

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