Hollywood Regency on a buget

Firstly apologises for lack of consistency last week – it was a pretty crazy one. Hopefully I am  now back on track and what better way to start the week than yabbering about  Hollywood Regency done on the cheap. Yes it is possible and   the proof as they say is always in the pudding  - check out the West Village home of art curator David Kaiser. With the help of interior designer Miles Redd they have to quote ‘turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse’. The trick is thinking out of the box – scouting out flea market finds and then respraying re working and reupholstering.  In so doing they have created a utterly unique space with some trail blazing shots of colour, texture and a highly personal collection of art. This room has what Redd calls comic book glamour and whilst it’s not totally my cup of tea it’s an exciting space. If you are worried about using bold blasts of colour then take inspiration from this pad – how fabulous do the doors look painted out in high voltage hues.   Decorating with panache the blue chest is the star of the show, glamorous without being over the top it gives a classic yet fashion forward feel. When it comes to decorating there are no rules follow your heart, experiment a little and before you know it you will be propelling your pad into the design pages of glossy magazines.

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