Getting organised

Many of us work from home so why may I ask is the so called 'home office' often times one of the most neglected spaces. Now I admit I am a design nut and obsessive I can't even  function if the wrong light is turned on at the wrong time (probably shouldn't have shared that) but for me in order to be productive, creative and efficient I have to be in a beautifully designed space. Rugs skimming the floor, scented candles and flowers on the desk, heaps of books - personal stuff that makes me happy as well as all the practical set up which helps me stay organised. My office looks through into our winter living room so its fundamental that it doesn't look and feel anything like an office - instead I've designed it to feel like a library slash gents club. So a tweed velvet chairs hangs out next to the fireplace, a zeebra (faux) rug skims the rug and a floor to ceiling book case holds zillions of mags and interior books which in turn hide all that horrid office stuff - faxes, printers and so on. Two offices below have totally nailed it in my opinion in being creative yet also practical. I adore mood boards on walls I don't have one but am sorely tempted. Its a fab way of adding personality to a wall particularly an office space without spending a ton of money. You can turn the smallest of spaces into an office - how cute is this. In both of these spaces its the personal items and accessories that create the interest, distract the eye from the officey stuff and are pretty darn fabulous.  

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