In Style In Turkey

Better late than never as they say had every intention of penning this at 7am and then who knows where the morning has gone. As I am always banging on about other people’s pads  thought maybe it was time to take you on a mini tour  of my very own . Mel Yates shot the pictures (thank you Mel for  InStyle Turkey) which is hugely exciting. Also another thank you to British Elle Decoration who referred to me as an "interiors Queen" in their latest issue. I have always always wanted to be queen so thrilled by the quote! Down to business below are Maud and myself hanging out in our winter living room. Sounds grand but its not its just the cosiest room for snuggling when the nights draw in. All walls are of course painted Farrow & Ball downpipe, an anthropology rug skims the floor and faux flowers fill every little nook and cranny. This room opens out into my office/library which in turn overlooks the garden which is pretty fabulous in Summer. As I was saying yesterday I think home offices should very much reflect the rest of your space which I think mine kind of does. Miss Matilda (African statue) who hangs out in the right hand corner was purchased when we lived in the States. Maud attacks her now and again for who knows what reason - I think she is a tad jealous of her hair. This little guy used to live in Blackpool amusement park and now resides on my balcony. Twice he has flung himself off (cant think why) so is now tightly secured. He doubles up as a light so illuminates the space at dusk with the softest glow. My dog lights are everywhere from the entrance way to the loo I am sadly obsessed. A tiny teeny detail of my shelves nothing fancy just books, cards and other bits and bobs. Moving along to the hallway this console ( impatiently I needed a console immediately so chopped some legs off a table, brought an Ikea shelf and sprayed the whole thing brightest red - all done in a day if I say so myself) no longer lives here. It has moved now to the living area as as fickle as I am I have now painted the hall deepest darkest black, brought (opps took) a new fabulous console from the store and have littered the walls with art. Hey ho! Now we move downstairs to the heart of the home and my reading/tv nook. The leather chair is Maud's and Maud's only its covered in a cheap old throw because she loves to eat the leather - infact shes taken out both arms much to my horror. Now to the dining area - there are working fires on every floor so in winter there is always one burning in the grate day or night (sustanable or fallen wood I should add). The chesterfield begins the tv area which we brought  at auction even though we had the hugest domestic during the bargaining (Graham wanted to pay I cant even remember £2 of something crazy) . And that pretty much sums it up - dark dark walls, oodles of lights and surrounded with stuff that we love x

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