Various ways with walls

You see this in France quite a lot,  sweet little dimly lit cafes with small mirrors tacked to the wall in a hodge podge fashion. Infact I think Anthropolges may have picked up on the trend and done something very similar (or else I dreamt that they did) not only do I live interiors I dream interiors - sad hey!.  Anyway my point being  adorning walls with stuff  from photos to mirrors to art is a fabulous  thing. I see so many empty plain walls it almost brings me out in a rash its so so dull.  You don’t have to go overboard, infact if the whole  art/mirror thing scares you consider a shelf.The shelf pictured above is pretty basic and by painting it out the same colour as the walls the accessories do the talking and add the interest not the shelf. I am pretty obsessed with this Ikea shelf as seen in my sister's pad: Have one at home and infact have just brought another for my hallway. As usual its caused  a few heated arguments as my husband feels  our hallway is relatively large  for a Victorian house so adding a shelf would turn it into a narrow corridor. To explain further I recently took a big old console from the store and have positioned this on the oppostite wall. So coupled with the Ikea shelf  it will considerably narrow the space. Who cares I would rather a narrow eclectic hallway than a vast wide empty space. Another point whenever anyone comes to either my sister's house or my own nobody can believe the shelf is from Ikea as it looks like some Italian  B&B job. The key is in the accessories if you put some fab art be it a print, sculpture, heap of books, letters or whatever you create a story,  a narrative  if you like which  adds instant flair to your lair. I guess it's a bit like pairing a Top Shop skirt with a beautiful vintage jacket. Its all in the mix as they say

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