Assessing the mood of a space

Before I start a project big, small or teeny tweeny I always walk through the space (if it exists) and ask the client what kind of vibe they are going for. Laid back or lively. This pretty much sets the foundation of the design as the intensity of the colours bold, bright and high voltage add energy to the atmosophere whilst softer, calmer hues create a quieter vibe. Where ever I may be Miami or London its important that the design has a sense of place by that I mean each design is individual and not a one size fits all scheme. Its so important to me that the design has a frame of reference to the location in which it is set. For Eau Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach  the vibe was sophisticated, timeless, elegant but also blended the unexpected. I sourced chandeliers crafted from vintage wine glass that set a decadent tone, that shimmered and sparked in the strong Miami light. For a house in London built in the 1800's I blended antique finds with modern to create a rich dialogue. One of the inspirational images I had sitting on my desk whilst working on the spa. I wanted to embrace the incredible light, the elegance of the sea and the sophistication of Palm Beach. Flipping across the pond is another inspirational image I have whilst working on a London interior edgy, eclectic and whimiscal everything that London is to me. You can find inspiration in the smallest of things - a leaf on this morning's walk with Maud has sparked an idea for a paint color I guess what I am trying to say is be confident,  go with your heart and follow your emotions. Nine times out of ten they will be right.

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