Starting a collection

Starting an art collection is not the just the preserve of billionaires or national institutions and there aren't any hard and fast rules. As with everything you should only buy what you love, unless of course you are buying as an investment.  With the growth of web based galleries you can surf at your lesuire if the feeling of walking into galleries seems daunting. Tiny Showcase, Etsy and The Beholder are all worth checking out. Getting to know what you like requires a bit of research so joining mailing lists of galleries visiting musems and galleries will help define what appeals. Nothing adds personality to a wall more than art its the perfect way to express yourself. Not only that your home will look and feel way cozier  it will create a daring yet unique tone. Whether you go for one single image or a whole hodge podge of different frames follow your heart and embellish your walls. In my opinion so many of us stop decorating far too soon and yet its so easy to create a fun, grown up sophisiticated collection. An eclectic assemblage of art from drawings to prints to oils will create such a unique dialogue that everyone will want to come over. One image is sometimes all that you need. Kate Spade's New York apartment of which I am in love. Her art collection is amazing.      

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