Fashion Inspired Interiors

Fashion trends from the catwalk have certainly made an impact into the interior industry and for me its a great way to get inspired. Anything from colors, to style to motifs have filtered their way down. Infact Crown paints have even produced a range inspired from the catwalk called Fashion for Walls. Whilst fashion is quite transient here today gone next season interiors need to stand the test of time and not be thrown out simply because they were so last season, so I say be aware when buying stuff purely because it is of the moment. I don't want an interior that changes every few months I want a collection that I can add too, I may move it around but fundamentally it stays with me for good. Fashion houses are producing homeware ranges like no tomorrow often sadly disappointing I find which is strange considering all the resources those guys have. Enough winging about that, catalogues are a great way of getting inspired I think I have kept every Toast brochure since its been produced. It might inspire a feeling a mood a particular color that then sparks all sorts of ideas.  I tear out fashion images as much as I do interior. This is in my folder as the color palette is so yummy- lime with burnt orange, soft red and the palest mushroomy walls. A few stripes, a smidge of pattern mixed in with some strong solid hues is an intoxicating cocktail. Love the Bohemian style which fuses old with new. Luxurious neutrals juxtapose with some exotic brights which for me is the epitome of classic boudoir style with a twist. Can't wait to translate this into an interior.

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