Brighten Up

The easiest peasiest way of changing the feel of a space is through lighting.  You can instantly change the mood creating atmosphere and washing a space in a warm glow. I have spoken before about ambient accent, task and kinetic lighting so what I really want to concentrate on this morn is statement lighting.One statement piece adds instant impact, its unexpected and dramatic. Far too often I see the tiniest tiniest chandeliers hanging down from the centre  of a room. You can’t really expect magic to happen unless you think slightly out of the box and think big. It’s all about masterfully mixing the super sized with the normal and infusing your space with things that stimulate the mind.  If everything is the same scale then dare I say a bland haze of boringness prevail s– ugg please don’t invite me to supper! Statement chandeliers can be expensive so more often that not I go down a vintage route – often times they are more enchanting in an oddball sort of way. Also why not consider a super sized table or floor light . Often times at antiques market I might pick up an old wooden lamp stand spray it a zingy colour and top it with a huge shade. It’s a disregard for convention that I am after not purely to be wacky for wacky sake. Its more about  creating spaces that are playfully individual and stimulates the mind. A detail of the chandelier hanging in my pad. Made from porcelain its almost bigger than the whole room. Beautiful I would have upped the scale a smidge but this lovely chandelier totally takes this interior to another level. A vintage lamp stand that I sprayed for my book. I ripped off the fabric of the shade and sprayed that too - if doing something similar opt for a super sexy bulb.    

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