I was asked recently to do a post on bedrooms  as you may have noticed I tend not to post about them much. Purely because there aren’t many visual images I love enough to put on my blog. I can’t post my pad as the bedroom is the most neglected room in the house (criminal I know) and its in desperate need of  revamp.  I can’t wax lyrical about a space  if I don’t like the images.There are  however a few (no more just a few) that I adore, I have posted about them before so please excuse the fact that I am so doing again. They share a common theme an intoxicating use of colour - the spaces themselves  are simply yet beautifully decorated and an inspiration. First up Ms Jenna Lyons bedroom – simple, beautiful , sophisticated  this spaceoozes modern elegance mixed with a touch of faded English  grandeur I adore it. It’s the mix of an old Oriental threadbare rug juxtopsed with the finest crisp white bed linen – humbe and haute should hang out together more often.   Next up my friends Jo and Graham Atkins bedroom . The beautiful palette of teal and chocolate brown is a marriage made in heaven. Again it’s the colour that makes the statement and does all the talking.  Of course they are fabulous tastemakers but what is so inspiring is that by using some trail blazing colours you can really turn a space from ordinary into extradinary. [caption id="attachment_1608" align="aligncenter" width="488" caption="Photography Graham Atkins Hughes"][/caption] A fab rug, a sweet little lamp and an injection of deepest darkest colour is all that you need.      

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