Decorating your home for the holidays

I keep it simple it may surprise you to know  yes I want charm and grandeur but in a rather toned down sort of way. Christmas card displays are a no no for me, though delightfully festive they are something of a style challenge which I realise is not the point but then again they leave any room less than stylish which surely is the point no? For me its all about candles the most beautiful way to lighten a home during the Christmas period I think. From small clusters of t-lights in beautiful little containters to big fat church candles in lanterns. Outside I fill my garden with  jam jars containing t-lights and cluster them on tables or suspend from bare branches. It drives everyone potty as I am out there for hours but hey ho to that. Foliage is another big thing for me - wreaths and lots of vessels containing  berries, branches and mistletoe. My christmas trees have just literally been layered with white fairly lights and apart from fairy lights strung over paintings and across mantles thats pretty much me done. Whether you plan a full on artfully decorated look or something simpler like me its all about doing what you want and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Simple, beautiful, sophisticated - nails it for me. Photography by Mel Yates.    

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