Dilemmas on colour

Over the holidays with the store shut for 10 days (yikes) I was thinking we might do a spot of painting.  Hubby’s office to be more precise  - it is one of the worst rooms in the house  (no lights apart from the recessed above) no furniture apart from a desk and chair and boxes of paperwork so piled high that in order not to have a migraine every time I pass by I have to run at high speed.  The boxes I should add are not even sweet such as old apple crates they are plastic and either blue, red or beige. Hideous. I am juggling with a couple of colour palettes – either a deep chocolaty hue for the walls floors and ceilings or a soft grey. I am leaning towards chocolate its quite gentleman’s club and I envision a big old tweed chair by the fire with coffee table and a tumbler of whisky and a little bed for Maud. Maud likes to hang out with however is at home apart from Graham that is as she will not venture in their either –for a canine she is very design savvy if I say so myself. Yes I should probably ask Graham but if you live amongst multi coloured plastic boxes you can’t really have an opinion right?  Anyway two images that have been occupying my mind of late because of their tantalising colours below, both shot by Jean-Marc Palisse. Option one - chocolate and teal beautiful and I think the front runner. Then I see this space and love the combination of pale grey and pink and yes pink is a feminine hue but it doesn't feel at all girlish is this space. Plus Maud's a girl all be it a dog, and she may want the odd snooze in the room once revamped so I have to consider her too.  

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