Show Time

A very belated happy new year to all.  Talking of show time we are back at Maison Objet the week after next   exhibiting our collection of lighting which is why I have been pretty late in posting - its been a little crazy to say the least. Enough on my frantic schedule this  year I have decided is all about following ones heart as well as launching a door-to-door campaign on converting people over to the dark side. You don’t need to move or go out and buy a load of new stuff (unless its from my store of course)!!! you just need to inject some fabulous colour into your space and wham bam its like falling in love all over again When I say colour I don’t just mean dark hues (although obviously I would be far happier if that were the case) I mean zingy poppy tones as well as the dark saturated palette that I am so drawn to. Curios and all that stuff we collect, books, paintings treasures create a fabulous colour story when grouped on mass – high impact whilst creating a feeling of warmth and cosiness.So happy 2011 lets follow our hearts and not follow trends or fads - deconstructed, a little bit messy, glossy and multi layered its what I am going for can’t wait to start designing some seductively stylish spaces. Two very different images below both photographed by the fabulous Melanie Acevedo  illustrate just how colour whether thats high voltage contrasts or a more sludgy palette turn any space from drab to fab There is no need to be afraid of colour when it looks this good.  If you live with a neutral palette then nothing enlivens it more than bright pops of colour and pattern. Tantalising, eclectic and super cool. Way more subdued and traditional in feel but the effect is the same - intriguing. Mix don't match is the way to go this year, next year and forever more

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