Think Pink

It’s not just for little girls rooms you know- pink can add drama and sophistication to almost any room. Scary stuff I know and even slightly out of my comfort zone and yet I am strangely drawn to the work here of Miles Redd, illustrated below. My top tip would be to paint out all the architectural elements the same colour – that way there is no longer any colour differentiation to distract the eye. It drives me a little crazy I must confess to see so many ceilings painted out in white or cream when the walls are a different hue altogether.  Here’s the thing its so much easier on the eye if walls and ceilings merge – by eliminating contrasts in colour it simplifies a rooms lines making it way more sophisticated. Lecture over for the day (its only Monday my my) I shall do my best to rein back for the rest of the week. Adore the combo of red and pink infact have a bunch of faux roses in pale and deep pink that I have just clustered together from the store so inspired was I by this combination. This is a beautiful detail – black and pink are beautiful together. I have just borrowed well actually pinched from our warehouse one of our Barbie esq. bright pink coffee tables for Graham’s office. His walls are now black  (got sick over the holidays and didn’t have the strength to colour zest a zillion new colours) – and yes he will moan and groan but as I shall succinctly point out – you cannot work for Atelier and not flirt with pushing it to the edge.  

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