House plants yay or nay

I vote nay call me odd but I don’t get the appeal of houseplants inside. The enduring appeal of flowers real or otherwise I absolutely adore but plants just look and feel quite dated in my very humble opinion. Maybe it reminds me too much of my childhood in the 70’s – but there isn’t one interior I have come across where I think that works. Even Mr Adler’s pad in NY doesn’t quite pull it off I hate to say (sorry Mr Adler). Two occasional tables with fabulous blooms would look far more fabulous I feel. Different strokes for different folks I guess if we all decorated the same what a dull old world it would be. Am off to Maison Objet  next week where Spring/Summer and a load of house plants will be everywhere – prosaic and Evian are my plan in getting through the days. Branches and blooms in big old vessels would have been my plan the trees just feel rather cold - even though they seem to becoming more and more popular, I am seeing them everywhere. So new additional campaign as well as going door to door convincing people to convert across to the dark side I shall also advise the elimination of houseplants. Pity the people living in my neighbourhood!

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