Thinking outside of the box

Recently I came across the Flatiron loft of Lauren Santo Domingo and her husband Andreas. Its full to the brim of unusual finds, some eBay sourced others super expensive. Grown up and sophisticated it fuses quirky with super glam. – take for instance the hippo bar which is a bit of a show stopper and the office which doubles up as a closet. Since this space is   dual functioning  all the doors close to look very French salon and no one would know a zillion pairs of shoes are hiding behind . Lauren apparently had the idea of creating this tongue-and-cheek Marie Antoinette Petit Trianon look to the room which just goes to show your home office doesn't need to look bland and borring. Not to mention the music area which is genius Lauren got the carpet fitters to lay the regular striped carpet diagonally thus creating a very cool effect. I would love a music room like this with all this vinyl – there is no CD player or iPod dock in the house apparently. Adore this space, eclectic, intriguing and fabulous, how exciting to feel this inspired about interiors so early in the morning hey. All Photographs  by Claiborne Swanson Frank

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